Sony announced new 20mp stacked BSI 4/3 sensor

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Re: Finally! A real new m43rds Sony sensor...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

designed for Digital Still Consumer Cameras

The big win here is double the frame rate of the EM1MKIII/EM1X/EM1MKII/EM5.3 sensor.

That could open the door to some interesting tricks, besides the fact you get further rolling shutter elimination and higher flash sync on e-shutter only.

We are still stuck around 20 MP and 12-bit RAW, but I wouldn't be surprised if the color sensitivity is a bit more refined along with some ISO boosting possibilities. Doesn't mention it's dual gain though.

I am ok with the 20 MP. I just wish OM Digital improves the hand held high res (maybe they can with this sensor making it faster to capture) and spread it around the line further down.

Might it also be the reason why there have been no real announcements of M4/3 camera bodies for a while? Was this just a hiatus caused by Covid and the settling in of OMDS whilst they worked out which way was up.

Presumably Sony did not just make a new sensor “on speculation” and would have to be in receipt of some minimum level of pre-order guarantees for this to swing into action.

Also presumably there must be a few new camera bodies that will appear over a period of some time that will be using this sensor.

A long watch but it does give a good reason why this will not appear in an Olympus camera.

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