Camera body with M adaptor?

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Re: Camera body with M adaptor?

jrethorst wrote:

What would be a relatively simple camera body with full-frame sensor, no bells and whistles, for which there's a Leica-M lens adaptor?

The cheapest camera body with FF sensor that you can adapt a Leica M lens to successfully is likely the original Sony A7 body. These are available used for relatively little money ($300-600) and work okay, but not all M-mount lenses are a good optical match to the the Sony A7 sensor stack. The A7 body can be set up to work very simply.

The simplest FF sensor body that works with Leica M-mount lenses is the Leica M-D typ 262. Utterly basic, simple body: no LCD, no EVF, little other than focus, exposure, and shutter controls on it. It is essentially a Leica M6 with a digital sensor. The M-D utilizes the lens codes on most recent Leica M lenses to set a lens profile and preserve the lens original imaging characteristics to a very high fidelity; for this reason, it's a good idea to have your lenses coded if you have older Leica M lenses without the lens codes supplied from Leica.


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