Camera body with M adaptor?

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Re: Camera body with M adaptor?

BEAR-CUB wrote:

Hello. Does anyone know if Leica M lenses can fit onto traditional 35mm film SLR’s like the Nikon FM2N via a adapter?, thanks

Adapters exist, but Leica M lenses have a shorter mount register* than most SLR lens bodies so adaptation either runs into mechanical interference with the body or can only allow use for a close-in focusing range.

* Mount register is the distance from the lens mounting flange to the film/sensor plane on a camera body. The Leica M-mount has a mount register of 27.95mm, Nikon F has a mount register of 46.5mm. Lenses designed for a short mount register are usually difficult to impossible to fit on a longer one while retaining infinity focus, where lenses designed for a long mount register are (generally) easy to adapt to bodies with a short mount register. So Nikkor lenses are easy to adapt to a Leica M body, but Leica M-mount lenses are difficult to adapt to a Nikon F type body.


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