NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Re: NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

Interceptor121 wrote:

Grimstod wrote:

Interceptor121 wrote:

Yes but your number on QE have no source

There appears to be a higher sensitivity but overall lower saturation value so depending on the read noise the DR may be higher or even lower

The sensor has no dual gain so higher ISO means lower DR as the current one with no steps

According to Sony all sensors that are BSI are 90% qe or higher. Otherwise they get another designation.

This is totally random comment and with no backing from Sony

if you find the link send it to me it may take a while as it doesn’t exist

generally in low light the best performance is achieved by large pixel back illuminated sensor with dual gain circuit

this sensor with a 3.3 microns quad bayer cell of 1.65 pixels is not well set to have top performance hut certainly fast readout useful for burst etc

Where did you get the 1.65 pixels?

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