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Yes, maybe they are temporary fashions like now that there are more interested in video than ever, maybe youtube call effect, twich, etc ... but for example, in the photograph one was photographing the sunrise and it was beautiful, today if not You put hdr to the top it does not seem the same ... maybe the 4k tv have made us see how not even nature is capable of showing, incredible details, and we look for sharp perfection, the most extreme hdr, the total lack of noise at night , the most unusual colors ... and I think we have forgotten that for example night is night, and we know it from the stage, the colors, noise, etc ... it is as if you had a natural freckle on your face, they made you a retreat and they will take it away from would no longer be natural and someone would not even recognize you .. and whoever did not know you would want to see you without a freckle not with a freckle because that is what they have seen and that is what they expect .. perfection We are moving away from naturalness and inadvertently many are frustrated by it, perhaps we live in the most liberal era ar Thistically but ironically it is the least natural and that creates school, pillars on which the new generations support and not only in the field of photography but in everything ... perfection, and if you do not have it you must pretend ... another example : Children, we are so busy trying to give them everything so that they do not lack for anything and have fun buying things or pointing them to all the extracurricular activity that later we are surprised to see them play with a stick on the ground and be happy ... no I am angry, nor indignant, I am practically retired even when I am very young, but I am surprised to see how everything evolves and we distance ourselves from reality, from nature and in many cases from society ... I am simply a spectator of life and society ..

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