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Josemi wrote:

And apart from this, don't you think that the big brands take advantage of these softwares to calmly not advance as they should in hardware and improve noise in isos, approaches, etc. and delegate the work to these processing programs because they are both interested? , I do not stop seeing people complaining that they do not update the software to improve the noise, emails sending them that they should do this, the other ... but ... we should not ask those responsible for the camera brand that we have for not offering us what What do we need and not a secondary ...? I don't know ... it's just a reflection ...

Recall Sturgeon’s revelation, that ninety-percent of everything is crud.

Smartphones have of course far outstripped dedicated cameras in terms of processing, but the results of so much of that processing can be rightly called crud.

My stepdaughters, who were until recently teenagers, would frequently use some special digital effect or another on their smartphone photos for a few weeks and then discard it. Sure, digitally putting rabbit ears or giant googly eyes on someone in a photo is fun—for a while—but like all fads, it is quickly (and usually permanently) discarded. These effects are the not the classics of the photography/graphic arts world, but are more likely crud. Even the girls wouldn't use some particularly cruddy effects, such as the filter that would turn someone's face demonic, which was disturbing rather than fun.

Dedicated cameras almost always have custom firmware instead of a flexible, all-purpose operating system like Android. While this does lose flexibility for fanciful updates, it has the advantage of stability and reliability. I do notice the newer trend of camera makers using firmware upgrades for actually adding new features, but these tend to be logical and moderate.

Dedicated cameras tend to forego fads, being more interested in the classics.

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