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Hello Valeriu 64

Valeriu 64 wrote:

KPM2 wrote:

Hello ozdean

ozdean wrote:

Yes 1 uses both sensors

2 only uses the AF sensor

Not sure what to make of this, do you need the AE sensor for Subject Recognition?

Type2 is like with my K5 or my KP. The AF system use only distance infos, but do not know via the help of the RGB sensor, the colour or pattern of my object.

The big different between auto/zone and SEL-Ex is:

For auto/zone, the camera has a goal: find a subject (person,face,eyes...) and than use the AF point under it for the focus.

For SEL-Ex: the camera has this goal: use first the main AF point for to focus, than recognise this colour and pattern under this AF point, than try to stay on it via an AF point. But this mode is always a mix of distance info use and a addition help with the colour and pattern use, because the colour and pattern also other AF points can sometimes see also and therefore only the distance info is good to use than.

You think is better without AE, only with AF?

best regards. KPM2

You can be glad, that the K3 III use now it's RGB sensor for to help the AF, so, I would use it.

For example using AUTO or zone select.....what makes it for a sense without a goal, like find a person. My KP is blind for subjects and in AUTO it use a object where the distance is in the near....more or less that's it. But this can be also a chair and not the person sitting in it. Your K3 III can now focus to the sitting person in AUTO.

For the SEL-Ex: I would use also the RGB info help, but what exactly happens than, only Pentax can tell us, or we had to find it out via tests.....but who will do that. When I had a K3 III I would try to find out, how different the camera react when I use Type1 or Type 2 and my test object has a very different color as the surrounding or background.... but I have no K3 III.

best regards. KPM2

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