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It's all about the content

I see terms like "visual storyteller" and "content creator"all the time now. When graphic artists, designers, and photographers are all using the same tools -- computers, software, and cameras -- it seems inevitable the boundaries will blur. Or even disappear. While most people have some specialty most can work across the range to at least some extent.

If you can make a picture people want to look at, something that speaks to an audience or moves them, then nobody really cares what tools you used. If you can make pictures that sell does it really matter whether you use a traditional camera or a camera built into a smartphone? Even if it's just for yourself, if you make pictures that bring you joy, does it matter how? Or if you enjoy doing straight photography does it matter if someone else uses filters?

By background and choice I am primarily a photographer, with more than 50 years in and around professional photography. But in recent years I have also worked as a designer and sometimes an illustrator. At age 72 I teamed with a 22-year-old rapper to make music videos. All this thanks to the fact that I can do it all on one computer with the same suite of tools. I'm having a great time.

My only complaint is there is so much to learn that I may not live long enough to take full advantage.


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