NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Re: NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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There is also a 27db ADU while the older sensor had a 24db ADU. this will mean we should see higher ISO limit is expanded.

In summary, could see 1 maybe 2 stop improvement.

Where did you get 1-2 stops from? Those sort of jumps are very rare now. I would love for that to be true but have a hard time believing it.

The db gain on the readout of the sensor. Also the QE jump and lack of AMP glow in a Stacked sensor vs a non stacked.

Wouldn't a stacked sensor give more 'amp glow', because the 'amps' are right there on the sensor?


Why not? Where does the heat go, now that it's right there in the sensor?

The stacked process creates secrets that are smaller and thus create less heat. ZWO explains it here.

Smaller secrets? That's not what you mean. What you do mean, I have no idea.

Scroll about Havel way down to see an example.

That camera does not use a stacked sensor, so it is irrelevant to this discussion. It uses a BSI sensor, the IMX571 APS-C BISI 26MP sensor, as used in some of the Fujifilm cameras. Havel (half?) way down it talks about the camera's (not the sensor's) 'zero amp glow circuitry'. 'Amp glow' is the result of the sensor getting hot, with thermal emission of electrons (thermal noise) producing charge in the pixels. The way it is minimised is either by cooling the sensor or designing the camera so that heat producing circuitry has no thermal path to the sensor. Putting heat producing circuitry in the sensor stack itself does not do this, it provides a direct conduction path to the sensor through the stack. If anything, it's worse than a traditional sensor from this point of view.

Lol that sensor is not stacked. 
Anyway I meant circuits not secrets in my first line. At any rate when components get smaller they produce less heat.

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