NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Re: NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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I would think much more likely for an E-M1 IV. I think you'll find that the EMIX was a one-off, a chance for Olympus to make a bit of cash in the conditions that then pertained. Sony seems to have established that top-end cameras don't have to be big bricks, and given that not being a big brick is mFT's USP, there doesn't seem much reason to ape Nikon and Canon again.

Hope not. mFT is partly about ergonomics (not strictly size) and EM1x is ergonomically so good -- with large or small lenses. But I can't imagine they made any money on them -- £3000 on introduction, now £1800. So the market may agree with you.

The Em1X has been very successful. I would bet on its continued life. Maybe more so. Olympus themselves admitted that it sold as their predictions said it would. So they did not loose money that is for sure. Then when JIP took over they lowered the price and sales have continued to stay strong even though it is not a new camera.

I'm glad to be wrong; are there any figures for this? (I was hoping they'd be putting new sensor / new processor in a 1x body design first -- and wondered also whether that might help in terms of card size; computational photography might challenge uhs-II, and so bigger format cards needed. Also, the thermal management of 1x -- though of no interest to me re video -- does sound really good, and again this would help with cleverer stuff going on under the hood.)

I watch Ebay a lot and have noticed that used EM1X virtually never show up.

As for where that info comes from it was mentioned by an Olympus executive in an interview.

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