From m4/3 to LUMIX FF...?

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Re: From m4/3 to LUMIX FF...?

Jamajuel wrote:

Can I ask why you are leaning heavily towards the S1R over the R5?

Size, I prefer the S1 size over the R5.  I currently shoot with the OMD EM1X.  My backup is the OMD EM1 mark ii with the battery grip on. It never comes off.

If money is not the issue and you’re not already invested in a system and AF is your worry, it seems like a no brainer.

Personally, I came from M43 Panasonic bodies and very much liked their handling, JPG colors, usability etc.

But since you come from Oly, Canon is even closer from that angle. Canon also has some interesting glass and it’s much lighter than an S1R, especially when paired with something like a 70-200.

For what it’s worth: I think my S1 with latest FW is really quite good for photography and I have very few issues with AF or CAF. I did compare once for a few days to an A7iii and couldn’t find anything dramatically better on the Sony. Canon and later Sony bodies are better for sure but it’s nothing that remotely justifies the cost of switching. In fact weight and size would be higher on my complaints list than AF.
I am really looking forward to the next generation of sensors

when will it come out?  Is it in conjunction with the new focusing system’ ToF’ ?

with much faster readout in an S body with faster processor. I am pretty sure that the differences in CAF will diminish close to zero.

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