NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Re: NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

M43Hero wrote:

Grimstod wrote:


In summary, could see 1 maybe 2 stop improvement.


The following is speculative analysis based on my experience working with A/D conversion in the audio and RF fields.

Comparing the sensitivity and saturation points with the previous IMX272, it looks like this new sensor might have less dynamic range (it certainly has less available values in terms of how the signal is encoded to digital). This is described here (around section 2.18):

IMX272: Sensitivity: 1634 LSB, Saturation Signal: 4608 LSB -> which gives a range of 2974 possible values

IMX472: Sensitivity: 2014 LSB, Saturation Signal: 4095 LSB -> 2081 possible values

Both of these ranges can be encoded into 12 bits: 2^12 = 4096 possible values, but clearly the new chip has 893 less values in terms of how it encodes the analog signal in the digital domain.

It's impossible to ascertain the actual DR of either sensor as that depends on other technical factors (See Analog Devices handbook above), but based on the available data it doesn't look like this new sensor is 'better' than the old one.

With regards to 27 vs 24 dB gain, that certainly shows an improvement in sensitivity. It is possible Sony is using some fancy non-linear encoding, or maybe they made a tradeoff between sensitivity and Dynamic range.

Maybe someone with more experience can chime in...

Oly does not use the 272 sensor. They Use a IMX270

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