NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Re: NEW 4/3 sensor. My thoughts

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Data sheet is here.

Sony Sensor List

The new sensor is the IMX472 while the older sensor that Oly has been using in the Em1x and other cameras is a IMX270 that is not listed as it was only sold to Oly.

Pixel size will still be the same 3.3mu which is not bad. I actually like that size.

QE will be around 90% and that is a big improvement over the 76% of the old sensor.

The specs also list that it is a quad bayer structure. I wonder if that is locked or unlocked? Would be fantastic to in camera unlock it. Perhaps then you could use it at 5mp with enormous 6.6mu pixels. That would make it more sensitive than any 35mm camera. If the quad bayer is already binned then you could unlock it to 80mp though that seams like it would be out of reach of a lot of lenses for MFT.

It's 12bit. Would be nicer if it was 14bit but I cannot have everything.

It can capture 10bit at 158fps!

The sensors is also slightly taller, by 200pixels. Interesting.

There is also a 27db ADU while the older sensor had a 24db ADU. this will mean we should see higher ISO limit is expanded.

In summary, could see 1 maybe 2 stop improvement.

Sensors used by Olympus are never announced or are they for sale to anyone else.

This is true. What they might ultimately use though may be very similar to this.

Nobody but OMD and the beta folks will ever know. Keep in mind OMD doesn’t buy sensors or wafers. They buy a certain package with wafers, circuit boards, micro lens arrays, cover glass, wiring and coatings. They don’t buy off the shelf announced sensors

Actually, you don't know what OMDS does, because they have never done it before. You're assuming that OMDS will behave just as Olympus did, and likely they won't, because that was part of the whole point of the carve-out operation.

For instance, there are lots of deals to be had when you buy a sensor, and they cost differently. One is a complete exclusive. Then you have to buy enough at a high enough price that the sensor manufacturer makes a profit on the deal. The next is an exclusive for a limited time, as Nikon had on the D800 sensor. You'd pay a little less, because the sensor manufacturer can make sales other than to you. The third is to not ask for any exclusive period at all, so the sensor manufacturer can sell to other customers straight away. Then you pay less. The fourth is to just buy a sensor that the sensor company already makes. That's the cheapest.

So, if you were a newly independent camera manufacturer that needs a new sensor, what would you do. Firstly, since you have only so much money, you'd probably weigh up the actual value to you of putting restrictions on the sale of the new sensor. Just how likely is it that some other company is going to build a competitive camera round this new sensor and steal your thunder.

Very good info! Never thought about this.

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