Sony announced new 20mp stacked BSI 4/3 sensor

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Re: Less noise, more dynamic range?

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not sure if same or a bit better DR.

If the quantum efficiency improves through the use of BSI, then the top end of the DR equation will be bigger, thus the DR will be better. But the QE of the current FT sensors is already vey good, better, for instance than the D850's BSI sensor. The same is also true for noise. That will only get better if QE is improved, and there isn't much to improve on with respect to the current FT sensors.

Yeah, I think this is something that 'should be' more obvious and readily accepted. Improvements in sensor DR have pretty much stalled out across the industry in the last ~4 years or so (maybe more), largely because the sensors are already so good. QE is already very high, and read noise is now very low. I think it just has to be accepted that there aren't going to be any 'major' improvements on this front unless/until we see a complete change in sensor technology. For CMOS, we probably are looking at only very minor incremental improvements - nothing like the 0.5 to 1 stop jumps generation-over-generation we were seeing early in the M43 timelines.

But despite this I get the sense that there are still people here holding out hope that 'a new sensor' will close the gap to aps-c. I just don't see it. Far better to get DeepPrime and just accept that this is where we are in M43 land.

There is still room for a lot of improvement.

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