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Re: Z Axis Bifs

Hello ozdean

ozdean wrote:

Hi KPM we are all trying to figure AF out I think - at least I am.

Manual Says;

Subject Recognition;

"You can make settings so that the recognized subject is prioritized while auto focusing when [AF Active Area] is set to [Auto Area] or [Zone Select]" - Small White Boxes

ie the Whole Auto or Group Auto (where the grouping can be moved around the screen)

is Subject Recognition.

When you see a red cross with expanded area it is tracking whatever the red cross locked on at half press within that expanded area.

I think this is how it works?

I haven't figured out what a small red cross does yet?

I just opened the side and you just post, so.... quick answer:

Look in the manual for the words Type1 and Type2 and you find that their setting  are for the SEL-Ex. Thats, what I think when I understood the manual correctly.

best regards. KPM2

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