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Kobie M-C wrote:

ozdean wrote:

That's very interesting Kobie; Apparently Subject Recognition only applies in the Auto modes ie Full screen AF, Centre Area AF.

When you see a red Centre Point or Cross the camera locks onto that and then holds it to the expanded areas however large you set them when in AFC.

All from my understanding and reading thus far?

Sort of.

Subject recognition works in full auto AF and zone AF.

With recognition on and using SEL-ex I've noticed the AF point just won't stick to the initial focus point. It seems that subject recognition tries finding other things to recognize. Since turning off subject recognition, the AF system behaves as expected but MUCH faster. Since noticing this difference I'll have to do more testing.

That's interesting.

I have no K3 III, so I hope you don't mind my post. I thought that when you use the SEL-ex that the setting Type1 (with RGB infos) or Type2 (without RGB infos) makes the different for this SEL-ex modes, when it use the RGB sensor for a subject recognition or not. I did not expect that the setting for the Auto and zone select, the Subject recognition to on or off, do here anything in the SEL-ex modes.

best regards. KPM2

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