Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against D.C. Metropolitan Police (article)

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Re: Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against D.C. Metropolitan Police (article)

DenWil wrote:

Teila Day wrote:

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The police officers who violated his civil rights should be prosecuted and charged with a federal crime (currently doesn't exist) and do at least 1 year prison and or $10,000 fine, with a felony on their record. Same goes for the property not being returned - there isn't a compelling reason for his property not being returned in reasonable course (that I can think of). The police chief, etc., should be held accountable, and the way to hold them accountable is by fining, jailing, and or firing them, otherwise change will not come.

I'm all for shooting criminals, but not for the police violating an innocent persons rights which they too often do here in the U.S..

If the sum is paid by the tax payer, then the tax payer should know how much was paid.

Teila K. Day

I rarely disagree with you but I take exception here. Upwards of 400 million people in this country and there are a lot of bad eggs and the police are the only line of defense.

Actually parents and friends are a line of defense but too often do a poor job.  If we made parents more responsible for their spawn, we'd be a better society because of it.  For instance, if you want the tax payer to subsidize housing and give you a monthly allowance, then the tax payer can reasonably expect your children to make no less than B grades in school and be required to take courses that lead to majors of study and or occupations that lead to actual jobs that are needed... (e.g. electricians, engineers, plumbers, nurse practitioners..  NOT beauty school, wood working, literature, or women's studies).

Are there bad cops no doubt, and do they botch up yes they do, but generally speaking they perform an impossible job dealing with impossible people some of whom just want to see the world burn. Including a certain Marxist terror organization.

Bad police aren't the problem.  Bad policy that allows bad police to proliferate is the problem.  Police that don't know what a person's rights are is the problem.  I think police should have to have the equiv. of the 1st year of law school (and pass an equiv. knowledge exam) as a requisite to carry the badge.. that alone would solve a lot of problems and weed out a lot of ignorance within the force.

If a person kills a police dog, they're held to a different standard because the dog (police) is an agent of the Force.   However if a police officer allows that dog to maim or kill an innocent person due to that officer not exercising due diligence, then that officer is rarely held to the same heightened standard in kind, and that is a problem since the officer should reasonably be held to a higher standard due to the officer being the professional.

If I enter the wrong building and start shooting, and say it's a "mistake", I have leeway in making such an honest mistake.

If a police officer enters the wrong building and starts shooting, s/he should be charged since it is his/her professional job to get it right, especially since life or death is often in the balance, depending on the decisions made by the respective officer.

We hold truck drivers with a commercial license to a higher standard when they do wrong - we should do so with police officers as well.

If you've read my posts, you know that I don't like criminals, don't support criminals, and don't mind violent criminals being removed from the living populous, at the hand of police.   However, I won't champion bad or unjust policy.


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