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Dan_168 wrote:

duncang wrote:

My brother just traded in all his Nikon gear for an a9ii, 200-600 and TC1.4 and in the first two minutes of using it captured more keepers than he would in 6 months of pre-focussed attempts with Nikon gear.

He's pretty impressed.

I know we are in Sony forum, but that sounds like a massive exaggeration, I am multiple

Not sure if you have actually used an a9, a9ii or and a1. Show me a sequence you have captured from your Nikons like any of the ones below.

system user and own both Sony and Nikon gears, Sony is good but Nikon is no way as bad as you put it even with my ancient D300 and D3 back then people got tons of BIF picture, not to mention those D500 , D850 which I also still own, they just need to have skills. i almost want to say if you can't get a good bird picture from those camera, the issue is definitely not the camera. but new toys are always fun, I got that, that's why I also

Yes - the fun is now finding the best composition rather than finding the one that is in focus.

keep buying new toys too.

By the way, 200-600+ TC is actually not that hot of bird lens at all.

You got a better lens option to suggest for the same money ? There is nothing else even close.

I think even with your awesome skills you won't be giving yourself this many in focus shots to choose from unless you are using one of these newer mirrorless cameras.

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