Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

John Sheehy wrote:

mburns wrote:

Yes. Someone could say how the R6 with an EF adapter and 1.4 teleconverter does not perform like the 7D Mk II. Just use the higher available ISO for equivalence.

If that is all you need, then there are almost as many pixels on subject, and AF should still be good in good light, but that is not the limit. I am using a 2x on an R5, and feel like I could be using 3x, which does not exist in Canon quality, or better yet, have double the pixel density of the R5 with R5-like shooting abilities (AF and burst).

The same can be done with the naked lens on a 32mp crop sensor and 2 stops more light, if Canon would make an APS-C body with the AF of the R5/R6.

Sadly enough only bigger is better nowadays...

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