Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against D.C. Metropolitan Police (article)

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Re: Photographer Wins Lawsuit Against D.C. Metropolitan Police (article)

Teila Day wrote:

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The police officers who violated his civil rights should be prosecuted and charged with a federal crime (currently doesn't exist) and do at least 1 year prison and or $10,000 fine, with a felony on their record. Same goes for the property not being returned - there isn't a compelling reason for his property not being returned in reasonable course (that I can think of). The police chief, etc., should be held accountable, and the way to hold them accountable is by fining, jailing, and or firing them, otherwise change will not come.

I'm all for shooting criminals, but not for the police violating an innocent persons rights which they too often do here in the U.S..

If the sum is paid by the tax payer, then the tax payer should know how much was paid.

Teila K. Day

I rarely disagree with you but I take exception here. Upwards of 400 million people in this country  and there are a lot of   bad eggs  and the police  are  the only line of defense.  Are there bad cops no doubt,  and do they botch up yes they do,   but generally speaking they perform an impossible job dealing with impossible  people  some of whom  just want to see the world burn. Including a certain Marxist terror organization.

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