DPR: Nikon Z7 II best camera for landscape (?)

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Re: DPR: Nikon Z7 II best camera for landscape (?)

QuietOC wrote:

Scrollop wrote:


"For us, though, the Nikon’s ISO 64 setting, which allows it to capture 2/3EV more light than most of its peers, gives it an edge in terms of image quality. The additional light gives improved tonal quality in addition to its excellent dynamic range."

Nikon seems to be able to make slightly better use of the Sony Sensors, it seems.

Is there a reason why Sony cameras can't go down to ISO 64? You'd think the A7R IV would/should be the best for landscape, especially with the much wider range of lenses.

The two sensor sites have the Z7II's dynamic range at "ISO 64" behind Sony cameras at "ISO 100".


A7RIV 14.8 Evs
Z7II 14.7 Evs


A7RIV 11.62
Z7II 11.60

I was wondering about that too and about the differences between different companies’ ISO definitions. It’ also odd that it took DPR that long to recognise the qualities of the Z7 as version I and II seem to have sensors with the same properties.

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