My first digital camera after many years

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Re: My first digital camera after many years

Votan wrote:

Hello all. I would like to ask you for your kind advices.

After many years I am going to buy a new digital camera, have been using a smartphone so long. I often go to the nature and take shots from tops of the mountains, pictures of landscapes, but also details of flowers. The nature would be the primary use of the camera, but also it would be less used for family events or during visits of new cities.

As in the nature there are different weather and light conditions, it is more harder for me to look for the best camera. In all cases I want to use only the FULLY AUTOMATIC MODE.

So please, what camera will take the best photos in this fully automatic mode? My budget is 800 eur, total max 1200-1300 eur, but I wouldn't like to get so high, only if your preferred model would be really worth that money and the difference in the quality would be so significant. I prefer more smaller camera, maybe compacts, but I will not say no to some bigger one.

Thank you

Hi, Most of the cameras now have an automatic mode, and I think you should try checking out "Sony RX10 II" the price of this camera fits your budget. It provides environmental sealing, making it a weather-resistant camera, and it will be of great use for nature shoots.

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