Nikon Z7 Duplicated Image Copies in Card (CFexpress Bug?)

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Re: Nikon Z7 Duplicated Image Copies in Card (CFexpress Bug?)

Ernie Misner wrote:

fluffycat wrote:

Thanks for the response!

Yes I format my cards in-camera before every shoot (and never format them on a PC), so when this bug happened I was really caught off guard as the card was supposed to be "fresh" in the camera.

But like you and several others had mentioned, most probably it's deleting images in-camera that had caused this issue. Though My XQD cards had never shown such issues, and it's only happening with my CFexpress card, so my initial thought was wondering if there was a bug or compatibility issues with CFexpress cards.

Tried everyone's suggestion on not deleting images in-camera and after a thousand clicks later the issue has yet to resurface, so I guess I have to learn to be a little less trigger-happy with that delete button.

It's still not quite adding up because many people including myself will delete obvious bloopers in-camera to get rid of them with no ill-effects to the card whatsoever. The long standing rule of thumb is that it is fine to delete a few images in the camera but do not use the delete function to wipe a card clean. Much better to format instead which will keep the card healthy. Please keep us posted.

mm, I agree the delete on camera explanation is not satisfying.

Looking at the heron picture, how can you delete one picture, and then obtain a (partial?, edited? thumbnail?) copy of another picture that is still on the card? And how does it appear in a Windows filemanager with the same filename? Of course the picture you are looking at on the LCD is in reality the thumbnail inside the RAW file.

I delete on camera, and never had this problem. And many others. Whenever I move a batch to my PC, I erase the card by formatting it. Just to be sure of no nuisance copies.

But there was once before somebody with some mutilated pictures. I think about wedding pictures on a wooden boardwalk at a lake. Also unexplained AFAIK.

Maybe it is possible to delete several pictures so fast, that a delete operation is not complete before the next delete begins. Though most computers will just queue such actions and cope with it. One would see a picture disappear before looking at the next, and perhaps delete that one.

Maybe it is not good to enlarge a picture on LCD and then delete it while it was enlarged? There possibly is a RAMcopy of that enlarged thumbnail inside the RAW original at the moment of deletion. Again, I probably did that myself.

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