Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

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Re: Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

Jorginho wrote:

I understand I was not clear with my remark with 3/2. 3/2 is what shape of an APS-c sensor is (23,4mm width and 15,6 mm height).

So this is imply deducing what the mFT sensor could be in MP when we go from rumoured 102 MP FF which translates (with the same pixel density) into a 43 MP APS-c sensor (which has been rumoured last year) and that translates into a 26,5 MP mFT sensor.


So you can have a wafer with the same pixeldensity and just cut out (just an example) 10 FF sensors, 23 APS-c sensors and 37 mFT sensors.

A wafer doesn't have a pixel density. As I said, it isn't a case that you take a wafer full of pixels and slice out the pixel arrays that you want. There really is no advantage to using a particular pixel size at a wafer level, you just pattern the wafer with the individual dies, which might have any pixel size they are designed with. It's even possible to pattern a wafer with different dies.

It makes little sense to develop a mFT sensor with slightly lower count, at least to me. It does not seem to be cost effective.

Why not? The 'cost effective' bit is base on an adea of how integrated circuits are produced which is false. Each sensor is individually designed, it is not 'cut out' of a big chunk of sensor stuff. Most of the design for a company like Sony is parameterised, that is the CAD will produce a pixel from the library of subcomponents to the exact size that is required. The Sony CCD-like pixel design, which arranges pixels in contiguous strips makes this particularly simple.

Otoh: we have a 20 MP mFT sensor that would translate into a 32 MP APS-c sensor (not there) and 76 MP FF sensor (also not there).

So my assumptions for sure could be wrong.

They are.

But otoh: with 24 MP APS-c sensors and I think a different market than (2015) than today a 14 MP mFT sensor (which is what you get if you just ould cut it out from a 24 MP APS-c sensor) would be unacceptable.

Just forget about the 'cutting out' idea. It's not how it works.

12 MP was already long in the tooth. A step back. But in this case, it is a big step up. So....

We'll see.

The 5.7k bit seems to point to a 24MP sensor, as people have said.

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