Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

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Re: Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

Jorginho wrote:

Now it does not make a lot of sense for Sony to develop a seperate mFT sensor when you basically just need to cut out 4/3 sensors out of the same wafers and keep the customer satsified. If so, the new GH6 will have a 26,5 MP sensor. A 3/2 sensor is 1,62 times bigger than a 4/3 sensor. So that means 43/1,62 = 26,5 MP.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. So far as I can see there is a mix of sensor format (mFT?) and aspect ratio (3/2 and 4/3?) or are you talking about a hypothetical 1.5 inch sensor. If so, Sony doesn't make such a sensor, it's not a size anyone uses. The APS-C sensor is a 1.8 inch sensor in the old vidicon terms. Also, you can't just cut a smaller sensor out of a wafer of bigger sensors, the peripheral circuitry on which the sensor depends is round the edges and would get sliced off. So if that's what you mean the whole line of thought is a non-starter.

If the sensor has 5.7k pixels across and is 4:3 aspect ratio it will have 24.3MP. That makes sense, because in the normal line of progression for most sensor sizes, the next stop after 20MP has been 24MP, so if there is a new FT sensor (not mFT, that's a lens mount) then that would seem to be the default next step. If the sensor was instead a 3:2 aspect ratio (which is unlikely) it would just be 21.6 MP. If you're proposing that this sensor is based on the pixel size of the current APS-C 26MP sensor (1.8", not 1.5") then its pixel count would be 16MP and it would only give 4.6k video, so unlikely.

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