Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

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Is the new m43 (GH6) sensor going to be 26,5 MP?

Most of us will know that Panasonic is expected to debut the GH6 camera by the end of this year. Based on 5,7 K video Jordan and Chris suspected something near 24 Mp since that makes sense when we look at the (I guess) minimum requirements for 5,7 K.

But there is currently not one Sony sensor I found that is either 24 MP mFT, 39 MP APS-C or 92 MP FF. May be I missed it.

What I did find were two rumoured sensors. One 43 MP APS-c sensor which is unsusprisingly rumoured to be geared at 8K 10 bit video. The IMX671AQR sensor. That was over a year ago. I never found it in any official Sony document, but only a rumoured spec list.

The same is true for its 102 MP FF equivalent which was rumoured in 2019 but this rumour reappeared in april this year. That sensored supposedly is known as IMX555CQR with about the very same specs as its 43 MP equivalent.

Now it does not make a lot of sense for Sony to develop a seperate mFT sensor when you basically just need to cut out 4/3 sensors out of the same wafers and keep the customer satsified. If so, the new GH6 will have a 26,5 MP sensor. A 3/2 sensor is 1,62 times bigger than a 4/3 sensor. So that means 43/1,62 = 26,5 MP.

So it could have more MP than needed. Basically when we look at what 6K is officially 6144 pixels on the horizontal side. So if Panasonic would stricty stick to that (Television) definition it means that 5,7 K = (6144/6)x5,7 = 5840 pixels.

When we look at what 26,5 MPixels means in pixels on mFT it is like this. 43 MP on APS-c means 8000 x 5333 MP. So 8000 pixels on 23,4 mm. The long side on a mFT sensor is 17,3 mm. So it is (8000/23,4)x17,3 = 5919 pixels. That is close to 5840 pixels.

Finally, again if it is really 5840 pixels than the short side is (5840/4)*3 = 4380. In that case the amount of MP would be 25.6 MP.

In the end, of course 24 or 26,5 Mp does not matter a lot in resolution. But for some in mFT we cannot have enough of it and 20 MP, like Chris and Jordan say, is getting boring. Not that itis too little. It is just boring

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