D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

TheGrilledCheese wrote:

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TheGrilledCheese wrote:

DSLRs are today's floppy disc.

That's a flawed analogy. My computer won't work with floppy discs even if they still work, but my lenses will work with my DSLR for as long as the DSLR works.

Supporting old, outdated tech is a drag on a company's bottom line and R&D that would be better spent developing more competitive mirrorless products and platforms.

The D850 is not "old" and "outdated." Today it's one of the best cameras available and does many things very capably. Selling them makes Nikon money, and there's more money to be made selling them and an updated version too, even if only for a short time (no camera ever made, or more broadly speaking no technology, has been permanently state-of-the-art), so I think your writing it off right now is premature.

Nikon probably would make an updated D850 just as they made an updated D750 and D5, but there is a severe global shortage of microchips (which includes the sensors in the cameras) so Nikon can't even make as many Z camera models as they can sell right now. Heck, Nikon was still actively selling F6 cameras until last October even though by the time they discontinued it they had practically made it obsolete with the D3 which became widely available in 2010.

Anyway, I'm not armchair quarterbacking how Nikon should run their business. They are actually doing pretty well right now both in terms of their creditworthiness and their product line which are mostly excellent to great products if you can buy them.

Nikon should especially focus on consolidating its camera lineup to as few models as absolutely necessary.

I would say they should optimize their line-up to sell as many cameras and lenses while making a good profit on them. Small iterations of the D3000 series and 18-55 kit lenses strike me as excessive churning. Here's the thing though, doing that doesn't drain R&D much, which makes linking R&D to that a flawed analysis of what Nikon may or may not be doing wrong.

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