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Sharif Abdou wrote:

Beatsy wrote:

Sweet. Gear matters!

Wait. I see the a1 in your gear list Mr. Beatsy. I recall reading that you were staying put with what you had. Have you buckled? If so, what pushed you over the edge?

Well spotted, that man. I'll try to be brief, but it's a bit tangled...

Everything changed when I started viewing the A1 as a "live backup" for all my existing cameras instead of a new, more capable body that my existing cameras would become backups to.

When I say "live backup", I mean two or more bodies with different lenses fitted being actively used. Not just one camera in use with a spare sat idle until needed for disaster recovery.

In this situation, each body will ideally have similar capabilities to suit the job, but I can't do that with my current camera mix. If I shoot sport/action, A9 is king and A7r4 can do some of it - but nowhere near as well. It isn't a credible backup of the speed and tracking abilities of the A9.

When high resolution is priority, then A7riv and A7rii are top dogs, but a mismatch of features and ergonomics between them is a nuisance and the A9 with its measly 24 megapixels isn't even a consideration in this use case.

And so on. But viewing the A1 as backup for everything else instead was a really useful change of perspective. It's credible in any combination and solves some genuine issues I've hit in the past (without introducing new ones).

It gets better. Once I decided I might buy an A1 after all, I looked carefully at how new features might help my main interests (hi mag macro/micro). Short answer: it's game changing and I'm waiting for my A1 to arrive (and wishing I'd pre-ordered at launch).

The best features: flash with full-electronic shutter, 30fps RAW (and faster pixel-shift) will enable a *much* faster approach to deep focus stacking. This for both macro and micro in my case. Basically, I can run a focus rail or microscope fine-focus at a continuous rate while capturing RAW frames at 10-30fps with flash freezing residual movement. All using electronic shutter too, so I don't wear out a mech shutter every 6 months (yes, I shoot so many focus stacks, that would happen). Anyway, this approach reduces a typical 20-min capture cycle to seconds (less than a minute). I shoot several stacks each and every day so the productivity boost could be enormous for me - and equally welcome.

Note: I already used video and LOTS of continuous light to test the technique. It works but the IQ of jpeg stills extracted from video (even 4k) is seriously lacking compared to RAW. I didn't adopt this technique for everyday use because of that. But an A1 capturing RAW at the same rate *will* retain all the IQ of the step-wise slower process. "Problem" well and truly solved!

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