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So I bit. My iMac is crashing, and I just ordered the M1 Mini with 16GB/2TB.  My iMac has 2TB and, although I am not even using half of it, it just makes sense to have the room for video (I like my GoPro). I was going to order 1TB drive and a fast external drive, but the price of the external drives was similar and the supply is constrained. I have an 8 TB external drive that I store photos and videos, so I can move some back onto the internal drive for speed. I also have a Time Machine backup, so there are enough USB 3 ports for me. The 8TB drive is also a hub, so I should be covered. I am going to use an old monitor for the time being and, assuming I like the computer, probably get the 4K LG UltraFine display. My desk space is better suited for a 24" monitor than a 27.

My only concern is I still have one program that requires windows and I use Parallels for that. Evidently there is a workaround, I'll have to see about that. I can technically use one of my Intel based laptops in a pinch as I only need to use it every couple of months.

Thanks for all the help.

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