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Hi all

What windows laptop got around 200 speedo meter benchmark score ?

Web Browser Test 07:59


Why are you asking ? It's a browser test, not a computer test. This test is not cpu limited so it does not tell you anything, like, nothing at all, about the system you are running it on. It does tell you something about the browser you are using. Just because you are testing the same browsers on different platforms does not make that any different. Nor does it provide you any insight in the performance differences between the two systems.

All it does is tell you how browser A performs on platform XYZ for this specific test and the only reasonable comparison is with the same test on the same platform but a different browser because different platforms use different or differently optimized frameworks this test relies on.

Case in point: MS Edge Chromium on my PC gets a score of 90.1. Chrome gets 103 on the same machine. It doesn't barely register any load on the CPU. But if you think any of these two laptops tested is going to wipe the floor with this 5 year old 8-core i7 5960X @ 4.6G CPU with 64G memory, you are sadly mistaken.

What it does show, is that this benchmark is flawed. Why? Because reputable industry standard browser tests shows Edge Chromium and Google Chrome to perform very similar and generally within the margin of error. The fact this test shows a difference of over 10% on the same machine is suspect at best.

You are wrong. Testing the same browsers on different platforms does make different.

Look at the review video at 7:59

He was using chrome test on Dell and MacBook Air the score is different. Dell got 155 and MacBook Air 208.

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