Thinking of moving away from MFT - what should I invest in?

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Your whole premise is wrong in my view.

I admit that I stopped reading carefully after the sensorside of things.

1) Sensor technology has not developped singificantly in ANY format.
2) When it comes to IQ, the Fuji 26 MP is not better than the 24 MP as various reviews will show.
3) The difference in IQ with an EM1.2 is barely significant.
4) Both Sony and Fuji operate quite differently. Not better or worse, but is it for you?

I have said it too many times over here, I know, but I think it is relevant when it comes to point 4 that in 5 years of use of my EM1.2 I still don't like it. I still feel the menusystem and the whole operation gets in my way. The G9 would have been my cam if it wasn't for the size and weight plus the restricted HiRes mode which I use a lot..

So I think one of the most important things is how the cam fits into your way of shooting. Do all those Fuji knobs work for you like it does for quite a few or not/ Sony has its own, paerticular menusystem...Will that work for you?? I think this is underestimated.

On to the supposedly obsolete sensortechnology of the Oly. First comparison (DxO):
- A6600
- EM 1 mark II
- Rx100 mark VII

We see that the latest greatest Sony in ALL parameters researched has virtually no advantage with the exception of dynamic range which seems to be about half a stop better ove rmost of the ISO range.
RX100 MarkVII, the latest greatest 1 sensor is in every department more than 1 stop behind (1, 3 stops).

How in the world is the performance when it comes to IQ of this EM1 mark II sensor obsolete?? It just isn't true. New sensor do not equate to better IQ. SOmetimes it is faster eeadout times and many other times it is just words...There is virtually nothing new at all.

The Fuji is a Sony sensor with a different array. It is never tested by DxO but there is very little reason to suspect that it somehow is a better at all.

Dxo comparison A6600 RX-100 mark VII Em1.2

I think you can take a look at photonstophotos too and see if there is anything there. I think not. But I really do not like that site a whole lot, you can't compare this and you can't compare that etcetc. May be some things can be compared but to me, the work he does is fantastic but the presentation not so straightforward. But may be it is easy for you and you could take a look.

I shoot the E-M1 mark II and prior to that cam I had many Panasonic and Olympus mFT cams. G1, EPL5, GM5, GH1, GH4 and Em1 mark II. As an aside: the nicest ones to use to me were by far the Panny's, but since you like Oly I will not mention the G9. So I have had my fair share of upgrades and they all were, GM5 not but it had good IQ and a very small size.

After Em1 mark II I never felt the need for a better sensor. It is simply very good to me and when I look at tests it still easily holds its own compared to larger APS-c counterparts.

I don't know where you are based, but if you are American I looked at B&H and the E-M1 mark II costs 1000 dollars w/o lens, the X-T4 is $700 more expensive.

Finally you will of course bump into the problems that mighthave been the primary reaosn why you got into mFT in the first place. I know I did: size and wight of the system. It is difficult to find body and lenscombo's let alone a body and a couple of lenses that get you that IQ with such a small size and low weight although it depends. The larger the zooms, the bigger the difference.

So long story short: I would buy an Em 1 mark II. Excellent contemporary camera for a good price that will fit into your way of shooting right away due to the similar handling compared to the E-M1. The IQ is a bit better too.

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