View from a former Nikon DX owner: Z70 ? Z-mount DX lenses?

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Re: View from a former Nikon DX owner: Z70 ? Z-mount DX lenses?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Your gear list shows you are currently an Olympus 4:3 format shooter.

As a result trading to Nikon involves a larger format system - generally bigger, heavier and more expensive than your current Olympus system.

The Nikon lens road map indicates Nikon will not launch DX lenses with anything like the range of the Olympus 4:3 system or the Fuji DX size format in the almost 2 years time scale.

Independent lens makes seem to offer hardly any high end DX format lenses.

My speculation is you either stay Olympus 4:3 or accept an extensive range of Nikon DX lenses similar to Olympus 4:3 is unlikely in the near future - if ever.

There might be a higher specified DX body with IBIS and another variable aperture DX zoom this year - but probably not much else specifically DX.

Yes, and I never understood why Nikon wandered into DX lenses and bodies in the first place. Sometimes I think they throw things on the market, in the hope that the sales figures will tell them what is right and what is wrong. Which is supposedly costlier (for Nikon and it's customers) than figuring out such decisions in advance. And maybe in the marketplace, acceptance of Z DX format is just held back by lack of Z DX lenses. Messy. Sorry.

If the F mount diameter really was holding back FF development, then it is probably just right for DX. And Nikon tried a mirrorless F-mount after all.

Of course other than that, the "mirrorless" advantages apply to both formats.

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