Canon Pro-1000 ink alternatives?

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Re: Canon Pro-1000 ink alternatives?

Michael Todd wrote:

I've been on backorder notification lists at Adorama and B&H or a month or more to get ink for my printer.

I have run out of the stores I had, so I took a look at the tanks going out soonest and ordered those two off of Amazon, at higher prices.

I've only had this printer for 9 months, and have always used Canon inks. Are there other alternatives that you folks have had good luck with?

I just don't want to have invested in this system, then have to still send my print jobs out to labs because I can't find ink for my printer.


Individual tanks on Amazon are $60, except for Croma Optimizer which is $55, for a total of $715 for a full set.  That's $16 over the cost of a refill kit, so I wouldn't really call it "higher prices".

I use Precision Colors refill ink on my Pro-1000.  It costs $382 for a full refill kit.  They are using OEM ink for four of the colors because they couldn't match them.  Refills for the OEM are $35.  If you don't want to use third party ink, you can get OEM for all colors. the difference is $23 per color for the 8 colors, or an additional $184.  So, an OEM refill kit is $566, for a savings of about 20%.

One advantage of using the refill ink set, is that Precision Colors has profiles for a lot of non-Canon paper.  So you don't have to go to the expense of getting custom profiles if you want to use non-Canon paper.

Or, you could shop on eBay.  I've gotten sealed OEM cartridges for as little as $35.

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