Internal clock battery risks?

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My approach is to keep turning it on / off.

drummercam wrote:

A number of the original Qs have been said to develop backup battery aging problems such that they lose time and date settings. Is there any danger of the permanent internal clock battery eventually leaking or damaging the camera in any way? Can the battery be easily removed in case of any risk?

I've thought about it, but it seems like too much work. LOL.

On this review . . . they have a picture of the Q7 motherboard showing the battery. Not sure if it is solder to the MB or in some sort of socket.

This person took a Pentax Q apart. (They bought one with a bad LCD and repaired it. They put up some pictures.)

For me personally . . . that seems like a lot of hassle.

I've had my Pentax Q since 2013 and it still works.

But what I do is I leave it out on my desk.

Every couple of days I just sit there and turn it on / off a few times.

I read somewhere that turning it on / off might be putting a little voltage into that battery. Or at least topping up some sort of capacitor that will keep the date+time when you change the main battery.

So when I change the main battery, my Q still retains the date+time.

I also read somewhere that using your equipment might actually make it last longer.

Either way . . . I figure . . . I've had my Pentax Q for 8 years.

I've taken it on many a vacation and camping trip.

It, at this point in time, really owes me nothing.

I'm just going to keep powering it up every couple of days and take it out for a spin this summer.

Take care & Happy Shooting!

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