AF fine adjustment - individual vs global

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Re: AF fine adjustment - individual vs global


PeterPentax wrote:

MarBa wrote:

so you start setting corrections for individual lenses ... is that in addition to the global adjustment or instead of it?

No. The camera will use EITHER the global setting or the individual setting. It cannot use both.

I never must use a global setting therefor I do not know it. But the problem I see here is, that when you use a global setting and you check an other lens, your AF test is for the first time done with this global correction. When you try out your correction value, the correction for the lens is now individual. But than, the camera use not the global correction before it and your individual correction must be wrong now and you start again. Better when you need a individual correction is that for the test you set the global correction before the test to off (= zero), or you set your lens to individual before the test, maybe with the value for the global correction, or maybe at zero correction.

best regards. KPM2

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