f mount to NX mount - Nikon AF to NX ?!?!

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Re: f mount to NX mount - Nikon AF to NX ?!?!

Gesture wrote:

Yes. There are adapters that will at least move the aperture for lenses that don't have aperture rings. Pretty ingenious when you think about it. Just wish Samsung has come up with one of the compact models with corner EVF (a la Sony NEX 6/7.A6X00 cameras) before calling it quits.

You mean like this?

Strongly agreed. What if Samsung had stuck to the rangefinder design of the nx1000, nx300, 500 etc. - retaining all the excellent features of those - PLUS a built-in EVF?

(At least the add-on EVF as has the NX100 I believe (?))

Samsung might still be selling well. There was always that marketable appeal of rangefinder-style cameras for most photographers who already had/have DSLR systems, Samsung might have not needed to go the route of slr lookalikes, the NX10, 20, 30 and NX1. (Not to knock those!)

If I'd make one criticism is that they were lacking in a philosophy and integrated system, probably because they were ahead of their time and leading the way in many areas, so updating bodies and designs without a forward plan.

(and Sony/Fuji wouldn't be kings of the hill, and, and ...

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