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Re: I think his list of criticism about GR3 is fairly pertinent.

James Bligh wrote:

jfa3000 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

jfa3000 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

jfa3000 wrote:

telemach wrote:

jfa3000 wrote:

You seem to be under the misguided impression that it's up to me to answer any of your questions or solve any of your problems. Sorry, not true.

my apologies I thought you posted for discussion but it looks like it was just a monologue

you presented no arguments for your claims and have bad reputation with other users on this forum

Why don't you take your over sensitive, consumer entitlement and deliberate controversy seeking somewhere else, and buy yourself another camera that meets your expectations?

Your inaccurate and emotional outbursts are sad and shameful. Your over reactions to fairly neutral criticism is pathetic.

As for my reputation, now you're just making yourself even more ridiculous than your original post led us to believe.

Seriously, grow up.

I have evaluated and rated the items of his list as Appropriate, So so and Inappropriate.

#1 Camera size: S

#2 Battery: A

#3 Overheating: A

#4 Software bugs: A

#5 Duplicate filenames: A

#5.1 File counter: A

#6 Service centers: S

#7 AEL/AFL button: A

#8 Exposure compensation button: S

#9 Rotatory control dial: A

#10 No option to power from external source: S

#11 No way to check shutter count directly in the camera: S

#12 Touch operation: S

#13 Wasted space on mode dial: I

#14 Slow readout from buffer: S

#15 Worse continuous speed: S

#16 Smaller grip: I

#17 No official lens hood: A

#18 No integrated flash: S

#19 No continuous with AF: A

#20 No auto snap: S

#21 No BW filters: S

#22 Effects: A

#23 RAW development: S

#24 User modes: A

#25 Aspect ratio: A

In total

12 Appropriate

12 So so

2 Inappropriate


I think his list of criticism about GR3 is fairly pertinent.

I think you enjoy wasting your time, and worse, wasting everybody else's...

If you don't like or know how to use the camera, making a wish list for a manufacturer to make the changes you personally see relevant to your personal gratification, is the definition of self deluded consumer entitlement.

Otherwise, go design, manufacture and market the perfect camera you both seem to know should exist, instead of wasting everybody's time here with your delusional fantasy that Ricoh is somehow here listening to your fixated ramblings and will fix minor or non existent issues based on your obsessive repetitions.

You're part a of a tiny, weird minority of GR3 camera haters who should best spend their time doing something positive in your lives instead of confusing people with misdirection who might want to buy the GR3.

It's a great camera, it isn't going to change no matter what you repeatedly say.

If it isn't for you- move on and leave those who enjoy and know how to use it in peace, please.

There are things that I like and I do not.

There are people who accept criticism and who do not.

Some men got angry and yell and some remain calm and smile. For whatever reason.

After all I am not a peace breaker if not a peace maker.

You're a virtue signalling cliche machine, that's for sure.

I wonder whether there were any of your writings which were enlightening. Sadly enough I don't recall your writings which were entertaining not to mention enlightening.

I've published three books of my photographic work, a MFA Thesis, and a PhD proposal on, all to do with photography.

If you want to get into a pee pee match, and continue passive aggressive ad hominem sarcastic comments, I won't indulge your time wasting nonsense any more.

If you actually use a GR3, have something useful to say instead of randomly supporting a person whose contradictions have been pointed out to him/her but who still lives in a world of weird denial, then fine, but you're toxic at this stage, so I'll bow out to your superior time wasting skills and won't indulge you any further.

Can you deny that the GR3 is a great camera, that many people enjoy using it, and very few have the minor issues you are supporting, and may not have actually experienced?

Do you even have a GR3? If not, why are you interested in this argument, besides being a troll?

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