What do you think or SD1 vs FP

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Re: What do you think or SD1 vs FP

Roger wrote:

Thanks for your reply. On my monitor I do not see any color variation or washing out. Very interesting. A 27 in. Imac

Thank you

Roger J.

The fp images look less vibrant overall. I bought this monitor because it was known for its good color, factory calibration, etc. It isn't 10-bit however. That upgrade will have to wait a while. EIZO monitors run 2000-5000 USD. The true test is printing the images. Both sets of images are good quality--light years ahead of camera phone images. There will be another x3 sensor. That is reason people buy Sigma cameras. The fps with Bayer compete with Sony, Canon, etc. whereas the x3 sensors have no competition. It just doesn't make sense to release a chip when there is a silicon shortage, many people are still stuck at home, and so on...

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