The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Re: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

You call it 'the good, the bad and the ugly. But where are the 'good'?

looks you you didn't read the part where I explain that for last two years it was more than enough of good published about this camera

It comes across as someone trying to list each and every thing they can possibly think of to complain about with a camera

bravo, that's exactly the point

but at least you are talking as a GR3 owner. However, where's the balance you imply in your post when you say 'Don't get me wrong, I like this camera ...' ?

simple, GR is a heavy compromise for me, this is the only camera that gives me results and shaped my style and shooting so there is nothing better on the market; I like the GR concept, it's lens and BW rendering but I am angry that Ricoh is making this camera becoming else and worse at some points

I really think you'd be better off with a GR2.

I did over 188000 clicks with GRII so I know what is better for me

The majority of these things are trivial but I will comment on each one, as I really think the review is too biased not to challenge.

of course it is and will be biased and I stated that clearly from the top

#1 Camera size

For many this is a good thing

OK but objective fact is it's size is a reason for other points

#2 Battery

Not as incovenient as some make out. A problem for 1% of users, I guess. Do not buy this camera if you are an 'always on' shooter. And yes, buy a second battery. I have one, but in practice have never needed it.

and I have many more which I reviewed and posted my findings about battery time for original and cheaper alternatives

#3 Overheating

Never been a problem for me. Do not buy this camera if you are an 'always on' shooter. I think that is the lesson here.

I am really amazed how many times people respond with personal feels about objective fact that something exists. Hypothetically speaking it might be never a problem for me that car tire will explore when car reaches 210 kph but I won't deny the fact of existing failure that for the tire manufacturer should be a concern if tire is rated for 250 kph.

#4 Software bugs

Never been a problem, but you should report the bugs.

to whom ???? I did to Ricoh reps and service center but no outcome

#5 Duplicate filenames

Never been a problem, but you should report this.

to whom ???? I did to Ricoh reps and service center but no outcome

#7 AEL/AFL button

This function works on touch screen I think

so please do check and post your findings

#8 Exposure compensation button

I've managed to survive without this. I think many have.

so what ? you managed so everyone should as well ?

#9 Rotary control dial

I presume this has been fixed. Seems like very few report this as a problem today.

which one ? wobbly sure but not the second issue

#10 No option to power from external source

Who would want to plug a camera into the mains when out shooting? How many people really need to do this in practice?

so I guess it was you suggesting Ricoh to remove that from GRIII because you didn't use in GRII

#12 Touch operation

I expect the problem you find is due to the spec of the touch screen they use. Seems quite minor.

if only mentioned in a manual

#13 Wasted space on mode dial

Fewer things on the dial. A blessing

my waste is your blessing

#14 Slow performance

Please rename this as it is misleading. You mean slow file-writing performance when shooting in quick succession.

it is slow performance in review, if camera is unable to show me the first file of a bunch then it is slow

#15 Worse continuous speed

As you say, so minor not worth mentioning.

I mention whatever I want and it is my list of all bad and ugly

#16 Smaller grip

Obviously the camera is smaller. The ergonomics are not as good as the GRD1. But it's a price we have to pay. You have put this into your first point.

list have no special sorting

#17 No official lens hood

How many people actually use lens hoods?


#17.1 Terrible lens ring

NO. This has been fixed. Please amend your list

when and how ? maybe I missed something

#18 No integrated flash

Yes everyone knows this. They decided to drop it. It has been discussed ad infinitum and any new buyer will understand this.

wrong, new customer who don't know much about GR and is looking at GRIII might be better with GRII

#20 No auto snap

Maybe they will bring this back. I wonder how many epople even used that feature on the GRD1 and GRDIV. It never seemed to work even back then.

and I know a pro photographer who made a lot of great photos using that feature

#21 No BW filters

Someone on this forum went through the filter settings and worked out their relationships to actual filter.

and still it is not BW filtering but merely a try

#23 RAW development

I can't see why anyone would want to do this

to get consistency with previous work

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