14mm...what am I missing?

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Re: Nothing: 14mm...what am I missing?

pictograph wrote:

Peter Jonas wrote:

A few years back I also did a similar comparison (the subject being a book shelf full of books), and I found the same,

I compared my 10-24mm to my friend's 14mm, taken from a tripod with identical JPEG settings and manual focusing.

The center area was very similar, but in the corners the 10-24mm had a discernible advantage.

So, in my view, you are missing nothing. Your findings agree with mine.

This correlates also with the laboratory test made by OpticalLimits.

the 10-24 is an outstanding lens just until about 20 mm FL. At the long end, the 2/23 is a bit sharper though.

But keep in mind that Opticallimits uses the Imatest procedure which is performed without any degrading software correction of the this len`s optical distortions.

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