Z6/Z7 - Change Drive Mode For U1/U2/U3 settings

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Re: Z6/Z7 - Change Drive Mode For U1/U2/U3 settings

amicx wrote:

I‘m afraid there is no chance to do it that way. I think you have to change the dial to M and save the setting to U1. Hoping I‘m wrong but I found no other way to do in the settings.

Right, you cannot. So to say, when you are not in U1-3, you are in U0 the 4th U, and that is the one you can save via the menu as U1-3.

When you dial to Ux, you are loading that setting into U0, the one that then defines your settings.

Every U1-3 has to start with a dial setting (PASM). After you have saved that one, you can save the others settings on top of that, in any sequence you like. Because no dial turning can be involved. So to redefine your Ux, you dial to Ux (accepting that existing PASM setting), make your change and then save that to Ux again.

Sorry, bad news is news too, you have to start overnew, or accept your original A setting. I found this out the same way you do now :-).

And you are right, M is the most universal basis setting.

Very theoretically, you can save the setting to a .bin file on the card. If you can read/edit/save that .bin via your reader/PC then you could create a .bin file with another PASM setting. That is probably more researchwork then just redoing the setting.

P.S. if you can find somebody with settings you like, you could use his .bin file. But these files are unique for my Z6/7, and probably all other Z's. I never succeeded in keeping my Z6 and 7 exactly the same :-(.

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