Where to find filter effects

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Re: Where to find filter effects

pshummer wrote:


I want to use the Z6 filter effects. I have color gels for my flash but I want to try the camera's filter effects for the sunset portrait shoot to see how it works. I'm trying to find that setting in my camera but I just couldn't find it.

Can anyone tell me how to find this setting?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

It sounds like you're perhaps asking about something to do with Picture Controls?  Try scrolling through the Picture Controls.

If I recall correctly, there are 2 directions you can scroll:  one direction is Nikon's basic controls like "Standard," Portrait," etc.  The other is like hundreds of random ones.  An easy way to access them is through the i-menu (if you've added this there).

Also remember:  they affect JPEG-rendering only, though they are also tags on the raw file.

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