Olympus 8-25mm f4 PRO

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Re: I live in hope...

Harold66 wrote:

A_Mist wrote:

btwango wrote:

Harold66 wrote:

most serious users would have at least one bright prime for whichever focal length they favor as their standard focal lenght

So if one doesn't have a bright prime one is not a serious user?

Reads a little like No True Scotsman to me.

I also fail to understand this. Is there some statistics to back this up, and what owning a bright prime has to do with being a serious user?

First , As my sentence clearly stated, it is not an imperative condition [1]🤓

But with a few exception in mft , most standard zooms have a max aperture of F2.8 or less. And if you shoot a lot, you are going to face shooting conditions where the light is too low to allow one to shoot handheld [2] . Hence , most zoom guys i know or have read in those forums do own a bright prime for such conditions [3]

that’s it. No need to turn into an absolute statement which i did not make in the first place [4]


1/ You said "most". That is, more than 50% of serious users have at least one bright prime.

2/ This is what tripods are for. Also, it is possible to shoot a lot without running into low light depending again on the type of shooting one does.

3/ This one reeks of confirmation bias. What about the photographers you don't know?

4/ I disagree. "most serious users would have at least one bright prime".

5/ Because internet.

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