Z7ii raw images always under exposed need +0.7 to +1.0

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Re: Z7ii raw images always under exposed need +0.7 to +1.0

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Custom menu B4

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.

I can bump them all up, and find tune further.

But, something is seriously wrong if every shot is -2EV off. You'd be better served understanding what is causing that problem than putting one bandaid on top of another. See my previous post for questions/diagnosis ideas.

No. This is exactly what this setting is for.

There is no such thing as ‘perfect’ exposure. If the metering isn’t to your taste, adjust the meter. There is nothing wrong with the camera.

Uhhh, every single shot is -2EV off and nothing is wrong here? Nikon would get a heck of a lot of returns and horrible reviews if that was really the case. My guess is that either some setting is way off, the OP is using some metering mode other than matrix and doesn't understand how it works or the camera is indeed busted. There is no proper functioning and proper use of a Z7ii that under exposes every single image by 2EV such that you want to permanently set B4 to add two stops of exposure.

Chances are this is highlight metering which Thom Hogan says that it tends to find the highlights and underexpose them by 2 stops. There are apparently a very few special cases where this metering mode is useful, but regular daylight shooting is not one of them.

That B4 setting is for when you want a personal bias in the metering, more typically a fraction of an EV (to prefer saving highlights) or something like that or to counter Nikon's own effort to preserve highlights. It's not to fix a 2EV metering error.

Yes, I'd certainly agree the OP should learn and understand the various metering modes. The point of the B4 setting is to adjust 1 or all of those to suite your tastes or shooting situation. Its not a band aide over a problem, its a rather useful too to adjust the meter.

To suggest that something is wrong with the camera is not right. Especially as we have not seen any photographs...Perhaps some of us here would think they are exposed perfectly, some under, some over. W/o photos, there is no real way to evaluate. ( also, 2EV? doesn't the post say .7 - 1 EV? how is that 2EV? )

I photograph lots of birds, often with center weighted metering and have adjusted the meter to 'overexpose' by .7 in that mode. For darker birds this makes the birds brighter than the meter would think it should be left at the default setting. Is there something wrong with my camera too?

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