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Re: Canon RP - is Fullframe really overrated?

I have been doing paid work for about 4 years now. I have been shooting for about 7. The RP is the first FF camera I've ever purchased. I made myself hold off on saving for full frame when I first started really thinking about the switch back in like 2017. My reason for doing so was for the better low light. My specialty is concerts and live musical performances. I could have justified buying a Sony A7 or something at the time based on the work I do regularly. 
About the same time, I made a post on DPR asking if I should switch. One user REALLY challenged me to delve and decide if I NEEDED full frame or wanted it. He went through this massive checklist. I determined after all that, that I did not NEED it. So I waited and just focused on improving my technique and post processing. Also, at the time, Sony had the only modern, cheap, FF camera on the market. Everything else was either higher end and pricey or outdated. During this time I had shot big shows with 1" sensor, Micro Four Thirds and APS-C. I shot my first wedding with two M43 cameras and they came out great. I really pushed myself to be better. After all the sleepless nights on Youtube watching tutorials and reading/practicing, I finally felt like I reached the ceiling.

So I decided to test this. I rented a Nikon D600 a 70-200 2.8 and my buddy's 50mm 1.8 for a hot minute. I went to protests and events and tested. YEP, there was a very noticeable difference. My work before was fundamentally sound and good. But now it had that extra OOMPH I had been seeking. I got my validation. So after research, I bought an RP  with a few lenses, the adapter, 4 years of insurance that covered anything, and some other accessories. Best system move I have made yet.
tl;dr: Your mileage may vary depending on what kind of work you do. For me, it was the correct thing to do. For a lot of others; it really isn't necessary.

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