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A1 IBIS issue final update:

I received my replacement A1 from Sony today. The first thing I did was compare the IBIS with my original A1 by repeating the same 6 shots on both bodies. With this I can now confirm that ALL A1 bodies in general have this problem with the IBIS delayed engagement:

In the video above, the replacement A1 did still have the issue on 4/6 of the clips (the last two clips were fine on the new A1), where my original had the issue on all 6 clips. This may just be anecdotal though, they do both still have the issue. I was very careful to repeat the clips as exact as humanly possible.

You can clearly see in my original comparison with my A7III, the A1 often takes up to 5 seconds or more to stabilize, where other Alpha bodies don't (A7III, A7RIV, A9, A7sIII at least):

These clips were all shot back-to-back, without powering the camera off in-between. They were what I would consider normal operation for a event photographer or photojournalist. This issue will appear after you lift your camera from pointing down or have your camera hanging on a strap then shoot either photos or start a video clip in any of the photo modes.

This happens with all non-OSS lenses that we've tested; Sony 35mm GM, 24-70 GM, Sigma 85mm DN, 35mm 1.2 DN, 135 FE, 105mm DN, Samyang 45mm 1.8, and a few more I'm probably forgetting.

You will not notice the issue if you shoot in the dedicated video mode (which keeps the ibis activated constantly and so never 'resets') or if you shoot with OSS lenses. You will also not notice this if you never point your camera down or hang it on a next strap.

This issue also occurs pretty much every time directly after you power the camera on, but that would be much easier to work around.

I do want to acknowledge and thank Sony for working with me on this issue, and I have to recognize that their customer support have done everything within reasonable expectations to provide a resolution. Unfortunately it looks like we've discovered an issue with the A1 in general, and no replacement or repair will correct it.

Hoping for a firmware update now.

Kudos for investing your precious time to document a product flaw in all this depth.

Most reviews - including on this site - never deliver this level of professionalism.

We all should put more pressure on makers who try to sell us high price products ("premium") often in beta status and with serious problems.

At the price level of an A1 I find it inacceptable. This should not have a D5000 level quality control before it leaves the factory.

I wouldn't fault the reviewers - most people DO NOT have this issue.

I see some people now thinking they have the issue even with long OSS lenses (these lenses stabilize differently so you shouldn't see this happen). Some people believe natural camera shake which is very apparent in long lenses is the ibis issue. I see some failure in differentiating between that type of shake and the jitters seen in the videos posted here.

And that can be an issue in itself. Making these ibis concerns seem more widespread than it is.

While my camera does not have this issue, I do hope the issue gets Sony's attention and that it can be fixed for those that truly have this issue.

The OP has gone through a lot of reviews, and found evidence of IBIS not working correctly.  There's one in particular by the guy who does the videos The Art of Photography where you can pretty clearly see IBIS not working.

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