6 months of camera-buying....experience

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Re: 6 months of camera-buying....experience

davesurrey wrote:

Overrank wrote:

But I can buy a “user” M4-P and a 50mm Summicron for £1600. Is there something I’m missing or is it now a piece of art in itself ?

Well he "only" paid £1488 so it looks like he saved himself £112.

Yes, crazy what folk will pay for.

My red-flag alarms also tend to get raised whenever I see that number . I can't imagine it's more than a coincidence here, but jeez!

Really, though, the buyer must have it in mind as an art piece. It definitely does have a certain aesthetic charm to it, I have to say. If you've got the disposable income to drop that much money on something like that, why not? At least the unfortunate seller gets to recoup some cost (though now that I read the article it looks like it was owned by the auctioneers, so never mind that one. I am now annoyed).

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