Canon 600mm f11 is not what i expected

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Re: Canon 600mm f11 is not what i expected

unhappymeal wrote:

sobrien wrote:

as the R and doesn't have access to DPAF in 4k video.

Having said that, it doesn't mean the RP's is bad, but Canon is definitely segmenting their models based on basic functionality.

Not sure what you consider to be basic functionality v suitable attribute for segmentation. Something has to give.

I am not sure I agree. As I've said, other brands have done just fine with their flagship AF performance or algorithms on lower end bodies. Canon continues to do ridiculous stuff to segment their models. Look at the craziness with the Silent Mode on the M50.

I think you have to factor in a number of engineering decisions and tradeoffs when thinking about how different models are differentiated, as well as updated. For example, processor power and speed, sensor read out speed, EVF refresh rate are all things that are baked into the hardware and can't easily be updated after release. To get the RP down to the price they were able to offer it at, they had to make some cuts from the R. Finally, although customers frequently grumble at the outcome, product managers have to create enough differentiation that the low end products don't cannibalize sales of the higher end products. I've been on software teams that had to make those decisions, and it was never easy to spin it in a way that wasn't controversial.

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