RP users, tell me how happy you are…

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Re: RP users, tell me how happy you are…

I have had an RP for a bit over a year now. Mine came with the 24-240 RF lens. I also use two EF Tamron primes, a 45 1.8 and a 90 2.8. Between insurance, accessories etc, the kit cost about $3,000. I am more interested in smaller, high quality kits. I used to make the mistake of buying cheap stuff because of there were good deals on them.

I upgraded last year from Micro Four Thirds because I had been wanting to for a while. And with the $7,000 I got all at once for unemployment, I figured it was now or never. I sold all of my old stuff and got my RP kit.
I use my RP often. For everyday photography, I generally use my Panasonic ZS100. But I do work with my RP. I shoot concerts, parties, and a lot more. I generally use it in low light or abnormal lighting scenarios (stage lights, etc). I use crop sensor cameras only for about 7 years. After 7 years, I finally saw the ceiling on crop sensor raw image quality and decided that a FF was more what I needed. I did rent a Nikon D600 for a while and I loved its image quality. But I hated how bulky FF DSLRS are. I am a mobile, on my feet, constantly moving shooter. I'll climb stuff, get on the floor, do whatever I gotta do to get that shot. It's very annoying doing all those movements with a FF DSLR and say...the 70-200 I was using with it. Plus, as you get older, such actions become more cumbersome.
Also if I ever hear, "Man that's a big lens! Are you compensating for something??", again, I will yell at someone. That joke was only funny the first time I heard it. <_<
Anyway, I love my RP. I got a 4 year insurance package on it and I plan on using the hell out of it. I would love an R6 or R5 one day but I am not worried about it right now. It does exactly what I need it to do. Yes, DR is not as deep as its more contemporary rivals. I generally do not need to raise shadows +4/5 stops anyway. No, it's not an action camera. But it an overall well rounded camera and I am happy to own it. All the complaints I would have for a camera like this, are pretty minimal. And at the price point, its to be expected.

My satisfaction level is a 9/10. I really wish the USB charging on this thing wasn't so picky. This camera is stupidly picky about which cords actually charge it.

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