Is "futureproofing" just a way to justify buying gear you have no use for?

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Re: Is "futureproofing" just a way to justify buying gear you have no use for?

sportyaccordy wrote:

I saw this term come up in the 8K article. The human eye cannot discern 8K from 4K on regular size TVs, and the screens needed to see 8K level detail will not fit in the average living room. So if you don't plan on cropping or downsampling your 8K footage in the future, what future is one proofing for?

Same could be said for super high resolution stills. To me it seems like if you can't figure out how to use 100MP today you never will.

I think the term is rather humorous and totally meaningless myself. Furthermore why would you want to? the future is where everything that is going to happen happens

I think folks do in fact use the term to justify upgrades they have no other way to reason about, and that somehow, because they've 'future proofed themselves' recently, they can get away with skipping some hypothetical new thing in the future. But thats so cyclical...when each new 'upgrade' is the future, how does one get off that wheel?

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